television, weather, and feeling like crap

“One of the best things about being sick is watching tons of tv.” – Lorelei Gilmore

There’s some truth to this, but I have to be at a certain level of sick for that to happen. For me, television is what you do when you simply don’t have the energy to make yourself do something worthwhile. I’m not there…yet.

I stayed home today, not due to Cymbalta-related sleep problems but just because I think I’m coming down with something. I’ve been tired all week; I’ve had trouble sleeping; my back feels tight and my body is achy. These are signs, familiar signs, of my annual spring fever – the one time of year I really get sick.

My body doesn’t deal so well with rapidly changing weather, and ’round here that’s all it’s been. Last week it was sunny and in the 80s. The week before we had a pretty hefty snow. This week started out in the 40s, yesterday was in the 70s, and today’s back into the 40s. I suppose this is where the expression under the weather comes from…but I don’t see how I could remain under the weather when the weather seems to be moving around so much.

I usually spend sick days moving from chair to chair to sofa to bed to chair, reading all the while. As I burrow more and more under the weather, I switch to movies or maybe old eps of shows I’ve seen a million times. When I’m out for the count, that’s when the tv comes on. Right now I’m still at the reading phase,(1) but I anticipate hitting the movie phase late this afternoon.

With the weather as crazy as it is right now, though, it could be that this whole thing will blow over. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel fine. Or maybe I’ll just feel sort-of sick for the net few weeks until Ohio’s weather hits what passes for climatological equilibrium.(2) In that case, I’ll just head back to work tomorrow and suck it up for a while.

I’m hoping for the former. But one look at the forecast for next week hints that it’ll likely be the latter.

“This stupid Smarch weather!” – Homer Simpson

  1. Well, interrupted briefly by a fit of blogging, obviously.
  2. If Ohio weather had a Twitter account it would read like your average fifteen-year-old girl’s Twitter account: fickle, mercurial, vengeful…but often nice and sweet enough that you still tune in.

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