doing okay

Yesterday was about the most neurologically strange day I’ve ever experienced. Yet everything was fine. The Cymbalta is reducing the amount of pain already, and hopefully it will continue to work.

But there were a few things that were odd. I couldn’t stop spacing out. Or, not exactly spacing out, more like spacing in. During lunch, for example, I sort-of checked-out of the conversation Ashley and her friend were having and instead paid attention to a lot of the details of the people around us. How people chewed. How they gripped their food. What kind of socks they wore. I noticed that two guys who seemed to have nothing to do with each other were wearing precisely the same pair of sweatpants and shoes.

There was about a minute-and-a-half during which I think I smelled stuff. My sandwich. Fries with vinegar. Lemonade. It’s hard to know for certain because when you’ve never smelled anything you don’t know what the sensation is. At first I just thought it was a taste leftover in my mount, but then I realized that that pretty much never happens while you’re eating. And as I brought my sandwich in for a bite I realized the sensation intensified. So I suppose maybe this was smell. But it’s gone now anyway.

I also noticed I just didn’t care about some things. Like being hungry. I was aware that I was hungry but the sensation held no real urgency. And later we were in a pretty crowded place and normally I don’t do very well in crowds. But I just didn’t care. It was odd…but also kinda nice. I probably worry too much about little things anyway.

Today so far time seems to just be moving slowly, at about half its usual speed. Other than that, though, I feel just fine except for being a bit tired and possibly coming down with a cold. No bad thoughts. In fact, my thoughts seems a bit more positive. So that’s good.

It’ll take a good month to six weeks to know how well the Cymbalta is working and how it’s affecting me. So far things are going fairly well, and I hope they continue to.


One comment on “doing okay

  1. I hope the side effects become tolerable and that the meds will help you.

    We are not sure exactly when we’ll be able to plan to be in Pittsburgh, we are moving into a house in March which will be expensive due to having to buy a fridge and washer/dryer. We are hoping April/May-ish. By then the weather there should be better. . .last time that cold wind/rain was not fun at all. haha

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