I would love to blog about something interesting but all I can think of today is how much I hurt. The pain in my torso is near-constant and on some days only hurts less. Days like today, though…try as I might I just can’t not think about how much my body hurts.

So since I can’t think of anything else I though I’d show you where and to what degree I hurt.

Wait. That doesn’t look like me at all. Here:

That’s better. The areas around my knees and hips are the result of yogging. The knee-pain is constant but not bad. The hip-pain mostly rears its ugly head when I use the stairs. Luckily you don’t get to be the kind of person who can use the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as a body-double by taking the stairs all the time. So the hip-pain, while worse, is far less occasional.

But that red sea around my dextral rib-cage? That’s the part that always hurts. Some days, like today, when I wake up I feel as though I spent the night plastered to the front of a Mack truck doing 80 mph on the interstate. The pain is beginning to interfere with my sleep, and I don’t get much sleep to begin with. Luckily I’d already made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Now I just have to focus on not begging for pain medication too hard or obviously. No one likes a Stay Puft Marshmallow Junkie.


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