serial loves

This was bound to be a good day. Here’s why:

1) I’ve reached the bottom of one box of cereal.

2) And there wasn’t enough left to fill the bowl, so I’ve added a second cereal.

The bottom of the cereal box is always the best. The blend of powdered sweetness, which tastes totally different from regular sweetness, and pulverized grain. Usually there’s less sweetness than there is grain, a ratio I prefer. Sometimes I want to smash up an entire box just so I can have daily helpings of this deliciousness. But it wouldn’t be as special if I had it every day.

And mixing cereals has been a hobby – or at times an obsession – of mine ever since my first attempt at college, where I discovered those huge bins on which you pull the little lever to dole yourself as much cereal as you want. They had four or five types, none of which I was all that crazy about individually. But I studied combinations and ratios until I found a blend I could be excited about every morning.

To have both of these events happen by coincidence in the same bowl…well it’s like have the Super Bowl on Christmas.


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