There are many things I would like to blog about today.

Like how annoyed I am with Google’s Social Search and how I’ve deleted my Google+ account because of it and am seriously considering not using Google for anything.

Like that Rick Perry has dropped out of the race…and endorsed Newt. And how Newt’s ex-wife says that Newt wanted to kinda swing a little bit.

Like Facebook’s targeted ads and how they seem to think I’m a teenage girl who may or may not speak what I think is Portugese.

But all I can think about today – the only thing that’s really using up my mental real estate – is how much this lady keeps talking about her friggin’ kid.

Kids are cute, especially the little ones. And most mothers seem to love their kids, so it is natural that the mother of a cute kid would be inclined to talk about her. But seriously. All this woman talks about is her kid.

It’s pathological. She clearly has zero in the way of excitement in her own life, is the only conclusion I can draw. Which makes me a little sad for her, yes. But even that is hidden behind my desire to scream talk about anything else PLEASE!!!

  1. Meant to post this yesterday, but somehow it didn’t happen. So you’ll get two posts today.

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