my new fifty-two, week two

Last week I posted a challenge for the year: to create one new thing every week. This week it was going to be a bit rough to accomplish since this was the first week of the new semester and ergo every student ever actually wanted to use the library to they could save money at the bookstore. I knew I’d be pretty tired in the evenings and I’m also trying to post here every day. So it was a matter of finding the time and energy.

Which, of course, is always the case.

In the end I managed a good first draft of a short story. It’s less than 1,300 words, but it stands up on its own. There might be cause for another section – maybe two – as I revise, but what I have is a solid start.

I’ve noticed that you can really tell how close two people are to each other by the way they string their sentences together. By the words they chose and by how fractured and interwoven their topics can be. My goal was to replicate that, to make something that sounded like real, modern dialogue between two very close people. But not intimate dialogue. Or, I should say, their dialogue is intimate without being out intimate things.

I’m pretty satisfied with the start I’ve made. So I’m counting it for week two of my new fifty-two. Again, if you’d like to participate please feel free. If you’d like to share your creations or share posts about your creations, let me know and I’ll post the links here. But you’re not required to at all. The point is to convert yourself from a consumer to a creator, and you can do that without telling anyone about it. Just have fun!

NB: This isn’t one of my standard footnotes, exactly. It’s really more of an endnote, an addendum. Something lagniappe. I just wanted to mention once again how much I love Scrivener. It solves some of the most basic problems I’ve always had as a writer, vis, organization and reminders, and collecting pieces from the tornado of my s-o-c brain. If you’re a writer of any variety, head over there and avail yourself of the free 30-day trial. If you aren’t willing to drop the $45 on it(1) by the end of that, I’d be surprised.

  1. This is more like one of my standard footnotes that you’ve all come to know and love and ignore. The 45 clams is for the Mac version. The Windows version is $40. I’m not sure why, since I haven’t used the Windows version.

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