well, at least there’s that

There’s a thing on Facebook now about finding out which song was number one the week in which you were born. I tend to resist these pointless Facebook endeavors, but curiosity won out. After all, I was born in 1975, right smack in the middle of disco and right on the cusp of glam. The chances of the song being awesome in a bad way was fairly high.

But it’s not. It’s so lame, I’d never even heard of it. Not once that I can think of, unlike the number-one songs of the weeks immediately surrounding the day of my parturition.

So I hopped on YouTube to listen to what I was sure was going to be an auditory turd. And I was right. It’s awful, but not in an awesome way. So disappointing.

But then!

Then I found this. And it doesn’t matter how not-awesomely awful a song is, the minute The Hoff covers it, it becomes awesomely awful.

At the risk of losing three of my five Semi-Constant Readers, I bring you Rhinestone Cowboy, as performed by David Hasselhoff.

(Forgive the ad, please.)


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