my new fifty-two, week one

Over the past week, I’ve spent a fair amount of my time making a little movie. No, I haven’t been cast in a Kevin Smith bio-pic. I made a little one-minute video for an entry into a wedding contest. Here’s hoping we win, but honestly even if we don’t I’m totally okay. I really enjoyed the process of making it, and I feel an amazing sense of satisfaction that I made something last week. Because life feels better when I make stuff.

I also realized that I have all the tools I need to be able to create the kinds of things I’ve always wanted to create. With my MacBook I can create songs and videos. I can work on writing wherever I am, thanks to iCloud and Pages.

And Scrivener, an amazing writing program, makes working on long pieces easier by giving me one place to keep all the little character- and setting-sketches, all the notes and errata, all the summaries and to-do’s. This has always been my biggest stumbling-block(1) when I work on a novel, losing track of these details. I’m looking forward to reassigning that memory space to something else. Like grocery lists and wedding-planning.

On the iPad I can create 3D models and electronic beats. I can Moog my heart out. I can layer loops like a dubstep master.(2) And the iPhone is capable of amazing photography and video.

And so since I have all these tools, and obviously since all these tools weren’t cheap, I have a new challenge for myself: to create something new every week this year.

Last week’s creation was the video, which due to the contest rules I can’t share with you at this point, but here’s a frame just for fun. This week…I don’t know. I’m working on a novel chapter, but since work will be crazy this week I don’t know how much I’ll get done. So it might just be a terrible line-drawing on the iPad or my first foray into the realm of vector graphics. But that counts.

A character in one of Tom Robbins’s novels says that the point of art is simply to create something that didn’t exist before.(3) That’s what I intend to do, at least once per week, and to think of it in those terms lest I set the bar too high for myself. The point is to create, not create perfection.

If you want to join me, let me know. I’d be happy to link to your creations, if you want to share them. I’ll update you on mine as each week passes. This should be fun!

  1. Well, second-biggest. The first is actually sitting down to write.
  2. Not really clear what dubstep is, which is probably obvious from that statement.
  3. This character’s particular artistic endeavor was to turn an old Airstream RV into a giant, metal turkey on wheels.

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