one down

Well, Michelle Bachmann announced today that she will “step aside” from the Presidential race. She finished sixth in Iowa and there just aren’t many options available to come back from that. Especially when you’re batshit crazy.

In what is bound to be another ‘oops’ moment, Rick Perry is skipping New Hampshire and focusing on South Carolina. Or least that’s what his Twitter feed indicates. I’m pretty sure it’s his feed, though the accompanying photo looks a bit more like Gary Busey than Rick Perry.

So but anyway, Perry is all but out at this point. Skipping New Hampshire will take him out of the news for a week or so and South Carolina will likely be split heavily amongst the non-Romneys so much that Romney will come in first again.

As exciting as this is – exciting because all I’m really after is having fewer crazies running for office – Rick Santorum, Mister Batshit Crazy, got an unhappy boost in Iowa, finishing just behind Mitt. I sort of like keeping Senator Santorum around just so I can occasionally look up his last name and giggle. But he’s precisely the kind of crazy I’d rather not be in office:

During his time in elected office, Rick Santorum fought for the preservation of the traditional American family and for the protection of the most vulnerable in our society. (From his website.)

Basically that means Rick won’t let gay couples marry and won’t let women get abortions. But the part that gets me is his ‘protection of the most vulnerable in our society.’ He means, I think, unborn babies, but to call them vulnerable and in the same sentence ignore another marginalized part of our society is just crazy. He’ll defend the rights of the unborn and take away the rights of adults. Again, that’s exactly the kind of crazy I’d rather not have in the Oval Office. So I can only hope New Hampshire treats him poorly, which it probably will since he’s spent all of his time and money in Iowa.

Of course, that could leave us with John Huntsman. Or Ron Paul. Or Newt. It’s not a great time to be a Democrat right now, but the Republican offerings read like even Kathy Griffin’s D-List.



One comment on “one down

  1. Wait…are we really supposed to be worried one of these jokers will win?! I guess I have just been assuming that people are seeing them for who they are.

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