last day

Fact: human beings are the only species that wakes up when they’re tired and lie down to sleep when they’re not.

iPhone alarm

Of course, we’re the only species who slaves away at a job every day. I’m sure there’s a connection.

My favorite thing about my vacation has been that I haven’t woken up to an alarm since Christmas Eve. It is absolutely amazing how your view of everything changes when you get a chance to sleep according to your own natural rhythms. You take the time to actually see things, to stare out the window, to take thirty seconds to really look at something, to consider it and think about it.

Additionally, I’d wake up and see that its was, say, 8:30AM and rather than feel I should get up and get some things done I felt maybe I should try to sleep until ten. Or so. There were nights I slept for six hours and felt just as rested as the days after I slept for ten. Presumably this is due to being well-rested on a mega-scale. In our hurried lives, we perceive being well-rested as a temporary state – lasting a day at most. But when you get a chance to just follow your own rhythms, even just a few hours’ sleep doesn’t jolt that relaxed feeling from your bones.

Sometimes I fell asleep at 2AM; sometimes it was more like 11PM. It didn’t matter. I had nothing really to wake up for and so no reason to press myself to go to bed. And had no reason to get this and this and this and that done quickly so that I could go to bed at a reasonable hour. Ashley pushed me a few times to take a nap with her and I’ll admit that I didn’t once do it. Naps don’t hold much appeal for me…but also, I didn’t feel I needed one. My goal was to spend my time doing what I wanted to do, and that included sleep.

Tomorrow morning, that ends.

And I will miss it. Greatly.

This is the last day of my vacation. I have loved every minute  of it and am a touch sad that it’s over.


But at least we finally got some decent snow.

a wintry scene


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