christmas vacation

Because of the way the holidays fell this year, and because I work for a state institution,(1) I was able to invest three days of vacation time to get a return of 10 days off. Even though I’m trying to save up as much vacation-time as I can for our wedding and honeymoon, the thought of 10 days off was irresistible, even before I knew that the last few weeks would suck like a Jersey Shore/New Girl mashup.

So far my little Christmas vacation has gone even better than I’d hoped.

What makes it so awesome though isn’t that I don’t have to go to work and deal with the sort of crap I have to deal with(2) but that I have a ton of time to do…whatever.

Example: On Monday I spent the morning cleaning the house,(3) and in the afternoon Ashley and I just bummed around stores. We were like those loser fucking mallrat kids with no shopping agenda, except we weren’t in a mall. We roamed around from store to store, not really buying much of anything(4) but just looking at stuff. Bumming around stores really is one of her favorite things in the world to do. But usually after about two hours I get really antsy, not because of the other shoppers but because I have other things to do and only so much free time. But Monday was only day three of my Christmas vacation. Still plenty of time to relax.

Yesterday was cloudy and it did that sort-of rain/snow thing that is nature’s equivalent of soggy bread and was the only reason we needed not to go anywhere. Or even do anything. I’d say we spent at least 85% of the day in bed. We caught up on most of our Hulu shows. We watched the Gilmore Girls DVDs that were Ashley’s Christmas present to me which I kinda squeed over.(5) I played some Zelda on the 3DS whilst also sort-of watching Kevin Smith flicks that I’ve seen a million times. We made dinner. And also ordered pizza. It was awesome.

And let me also just add here that you know you’ve ended up with the right person when you can spend an entire day doing pretty much nothing at all with each other.

At this point is have 5.5 days left of my vacation. We don’t have much in the way of plans other than having a few guests over for dinner tomorrow and maybe bumming around Cleveland one of these days. And the traditional Christmas-lights-at-the-zoo for New Year’s Eve. Otherwise all I’m looking forward to is having a vast quantity of time to do as little as possible.

I still have plenty of time to have the hap-hap-happiest vacation since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny-fucking-Kaye.

  1. I should clarify that by institution I mean entity, not asylum. Usually.
  2. Not that that isn’t awesome, mind you.
  3. Leave me alone long enough and I clean stuff. Leave me alone even longer than that and I will rearrange something. And rearrange something while I wait.
  4. Though Ashley did get me a sweet set of ceramic kitchen canisters which I geek out about because they allow to me clean, organize and rearrange in one easy step.
  5. And yes yes first thing Tuesday morning, once the offices were open, I surrendered my man-card.

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