my transition is now complete…

No, not to the Dark Side…though that would be fun.

You’ve met Cooper:

You’ve met Amie:

Now meet Dave:

I have wanted a Mac for so long that this really is something of a momentous occasion. The recent Samsung ad pokes fun at creative people being somewhat snooty about needing Apple devices,(1) but here’s what I know: if you go to almost any store or website and enquire about recording music on a computer, almost everyone will tell you that you need to start by purchasing a Mac. I know this from personal experience.

And it’s not just a software thing. Everyone I know who’s tried to use a Windows machine to record – no matter which software they’ve used – has either devised wildly complex workarounds for basic audio-interface problems(2) or has simply given up.

I can’t speak for all creative people, but personally I haven’t wanted a Mac because I’m creative; I’ve wanted a Mac because they actually work, which frees my time to focus on creating.

I am no longer a PC. I am part of a happy Mac family.

Now I’m going to go make stuff. Or apply at a Starbucks.

  1. Let me just jump in here and say that Ashley and I both have owned a couple of different Samsung smartphones and they are turds. Big honking turds. This ad, in my opinion, is an acquiescence to Apple. Samsung is effectively admitting that they cannot produce a better phone and because of that have decided that their best angle is to attack Apple’s fans.
  2. Read: lag.

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