christmas with bo

As I mentioned a few days ago, I love Christmas music. And I know I’ve mentioned that I love music. So it stands to reason that I would love to record Christmas music.

Back in September, I bought an iPad 2 and it didn’t take long before I downloaded GarageBand onto it. I’d used GarageBand on a Mac a few times in the past to record things, and while most people say they wouldn’t use it for an actual album, I’ve always thought it works just fine. Of course, the next step up has always been Apple’s Logic Pro, which used to be $400, whereas GarageBand came with the Mac…so especially in that sense, GarageBand is just fine.(1)

The GarageBand app for the iPad is very similar – and yet very different from – GarageBand for the Mac. And maybe someday I’ll do a fun little product review for all of you who won’t care anyway. But what matters is that after I dropped some cash for the Apogee Jam, I was able to plug my guitar, or a mike, into the iPad. And just like that, creating a Christmas album was possible.

But with work and school and other projects, I didn’t have time for an entire album. And being your own backing band is more time-consuming than you’d think.

What I have is four songs.

And there are four days of Christmas remaining.

So starting today, I’ll be sharing with you one of my songs per day. I realize this might lose me the four readers I have, but that’s the risk I take.

Today’s song is my bouncy version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” You can listen to it right here:

Everything you hear on this recording – except for the drum loops(2) – is me.

If you like it and if you want your own copy, leave me a comment – either here or on Facebook – with your email address and I’ll send it to you.

If you hate and and want to make sure you never get a copy of it from me, you can leave my a comment about that too and I’ll never send it to you.

But I do hope you like it.

  1. Recently, though, Apple made Logic Pro available in the Mac App Store for a mere $200, which is friggin’ awesome if you love recording music and you have a Mac. Which if you love recording music you probably already do.
  2. Would that I had a drum set. I’d be the most laid-back person ever.

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