strange day

I knew this was going to be a strange week.

Today was to be normal.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.

On Wednesday Ashley has an appointment that I’ll miss work in the afternoon for. Wednesday night we’re celebrating my sister’s and Ashley’s birthdays.(1)

Because Thursday is Ashley’s birthday. And also a trip to Pittsburgh for one of her check-ups.

Friday might find us still in Pittsburgh, or maybe back home. But then either Friday or Saturday, Ashley will leave to spend a week with her family in Florida.(2)

Whew. It’s a lot of strangeness.

But even all of it together isn’t as strange as what I had to deal with this morning: signing over my part of the title for a car I thought I got rid of five years ago so that someone else could then sell it to someone else.

All of the other stuff this week has an advantage: I know it’s happening. This car thing? I never saw it coming. Not that it was a big deal, really. But it’s just…you think something was taken care of, to the point that you haven’t even thought about it in years. And then you find out it’s not. And you have to take care of it right now.

Weird. It was just weird. And it went against my compulsion to have things done and over with. For good.

What might this portend for the rest of any already-weird week? I don’t even want to think about that right now.

  1. Just to clarify, these are two different people.
  2. Leaving me alone to deal with three cats. I will miss you all.

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