Dear WordPress:

Here’s what you need to know up front: I’m seriously considering switching back to Blogger.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s like trading in a Mac for a PC. (Well, maybe a 3-year-old Mac.) Why would I go backwards?

I’m glad I pretended you asked.

As I’m typing this, there’s this large, yellowish area to my right. No, I didn’t pee myself. It’s on the screen. Here…

See that? I authorized WordPress to post to Facebook years ago. It was working just fine. Now it’s not. And when I try to re-authorize it, you just take me back to my Dashboard and pretend everything’s cool. But it’s not. The next time I go to write a post, it shows up again.

I’ve trying removing the app from Facebook and re-authorizing. I’ve trying use Chrome, Firefox and Safari (for both Windows and OS X). I even tried Internet Explore, thinking two wrongs might make something right. But you just keep flipping me the bird.

That damn yellowish bird.

And then there’s this:

I blogged before about how you really like to screw up my posts if I want to include more than one image. This is so infuriating. Imagine you hung up a picture in your living room. It looks great…but you decide a second picture is in order. So you work all afternoon finding the right picture and rearranging the furniture and lighting so it’ll be just perfect. And then you go grab your camera so you can show the world how awesome your two-pictured living-room is…

And while you’re gone I’ve taken your sofa and your bookshelves and smashed them into one of the paintings – along with the other painting – and all of it’s crammed on the wall and everything looks terrible and not at all what you might want to present to people.

That’s what you do to me every time I try to include two pictures.

This is where I’d like to include a second
screenshot of the mess you make of my
lovely posts. But I don’t have the heart
to turn yet another post into Brundlefly.

Sometimes I hit the publish button and nothing happens. It looks like everything is fine…but then my post doesn’t post. So I might recommend you re-label the button to something like publish…or maybe not.

You’ve re-designed my landing page and I can’t find anything. There are several spots in which I now have to click two or three times to do something I used to do in one click. Instead of letting me piecemeal just the upgrades I want, you package them together and make me buy shit I don’t want.

I know I’m not the best blogger out there. I know I’m not the most faithful blogger either. I just want a place in which I can dump my occasional windbag musings and maybe make a few people laugh. I know this is a free service and I shouldn’t demand too much…but I’m not. I’m asking that you get your shit together and work the way you’re supposed to. I’m not a career-blogger. There should be zero stress involved in the act of blogging, for me.

But I’m telling you, if I have a heart attack they’ll find me at my computer with a newly mangled post open.

So, yes. I’m considering Blogger. For health reasons.



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