trans-siberian awesomeness

A few days ago, Ashley and I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We saw them two years ago for the first time and it was such a great show. And this time it turned out to be exactly the sort of mid-week high-entertainment date-night we both very much needed.

The other plus to the event was that it gave me a chance to really put my new Amie’s camera through its paces. I’ve heard much about the iPhone’s camera over the years, so with the 4S’s 8mpx camera, I figured I’d get some sweet shots.

As you can see below, I was not let down. I’ll point out that while we weren’t exactly far from the stage, I did have to zoom for most of these shots. And the still look great, even despite the vastly different types of lighting, color and motion.



This is the loveliest picture I've ever taken...

...then the singer hit critical mass.

Note how the background lighting looks like a city.

Not even Smurfette's buttcheeks are this blue.


So that’s two things that totally rule: TSO and iPhone 4S.


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