things that drove me completely batshit crazy today

People. In particular, stupid people.

Facebook. The longer I use it the less control I have over who can do what with what I post.

More people. In particular, stupid people who think they’re smart.

My phone. There are reasons I like Android, but I’m ready for an iPhone. I just want a phone that doesn’t do weird shit all the time.

Facebook. Again. This time I’m still riled by something from yesterday. But still.

Pandora. Here’s a question: If I make a station with only holiday music, why are you playing non-holiday songs by those bands?

My phone. Know what kept crashing on my Android phone? The Android Market. Does anyone else think that should pretty much never happen?

People. Not again, just still. Please just go away.

Pandora. All I want is to hear some holiday music that’s not the holiday music in my own collection. Why do you keep playing songs from Glee?!?!?!

People. I give up. Jabber away all you like. Fighting it is too hard.

My phone. Why does it repeat the first song I play? Every time! Why?!?!


People. No. I’m done. Just…done.

So, to sum up: without people and technology, today would have been a pretty decent day.

There’s a lesson there.


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