On my way to the store this afternoon, there was one of those over-sized pick-up trucks in the right lane. The truck had a metal U.S. flag affixed to it, just above one of those fake scrotum things that people with issues I don’t even want to understand hang dangling off the end of the hitch. There was one large man looking incredibly severe in this out-sized abomination.

In the left lane, the was a cutely rusted smallish car with a bumper sticker that read "I Heart Teddy Bears." There were three twenty-somethings in the car, each of them skinny and laughing and generally behaving as though nothing could be better than this moment right now.

We were all stopped at a red light.

And I thought, “Man, I couldn’t think of a more perfect visual metaphor for our current American political climate if I tried.”

*a true story

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