a tale of two supes

Lately I’ve been making an effort – a real, heart-felt, concentrated effort – to alter my general p.o.v. w/r/t my workplace. I’ve never really had the most positive of possible attitudes towards it. “I like my job,” I would say, “but I don’t like the place it’s in.” Going into a lot of detail on this point is fairly unnecessary; suffice it to say that I’m not putting myself through the work involved in grad courses simply because I enjoy having zilch in the way of free time.

And so but I’ve been trying. It’s really tough to change, overnight or even over a fortnight, your view and attitude towards your colleagues. People just sometimes rub each other the wrong way. The unfortunate part about work is that you’re forced into situations repeatedly with people whom you’d simply just walk away from in any other social venue. And just because I personally am making an effort at a 180-degree turn in workplace-perspective,(1) doesn’t mean that person A isn’t a windbag and person B suddenly stops spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone regaling persons unknown with overly dramatic versions of yesterday’s personal events and person C isn’t pathologically useless when it comes at least to doing her actual job.

Obviously, another point of focus had to be found. So I made the decision that I would treat our patrons and the area of the library that is my bailiwick with the same care, respect, attention and attitude that the cast members at Walt Disney World treat their guests.(2) If you’ve never been there, I can’t explain it to you any better than to say that as busy as that place is – of the thousands and thousands of people who are there every single day – it is The Cleanest Place on Earth.(3) That’s the attitude I’ve been trying to carry with me.

Whether anyone’s noticed or not isn’t really my concern. What matters is that I’ve noticed a change in my own attitude. Turns out that – just like any other time – when you focus on what matters you can let a lot of other crap just bounce right off of you.


The past few weeks I’ve felt like this:

But yesterday I felt more like this:

Sigh. And I don’t even have the energy to fight with myself in a junkyard.

  1. I’ll settle for a 90-degree change. Even 45.
  2. ‘Cast member’ is Disney-speak for employee; ‘guest’ is ‘customer.’ I’ve wondered if the first part of training – sorry, Traditions – is a Disney thesaurus.
  3. I’ll add also that something like 70- or 80-percent of all guests are return visitors.

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