it should be totally legal to say ‘that’s what she said’ in a work-setting because there are a ton of opportunies

Such as this one:

So I was walking down this aisle the other day pushing a flatbed cart. There was a woman walking towards me, clearly needing to pass down the same aisle. She was carrying something that I didn’t see clearly but didn’t seem all that heavy. Nevertheless, I moved to the side so she could pass. I wished her a good morning and told her to go on by. And then she said the dirtiest thing anyone’s every said to me, maybe even including things people’ve said outside of work:

‘Oh no. You’ve got that big thing there and I just have this little box.’

I mean: really? Really?

Listen: I’ve been in plenty of settings in which there are ample opportunities for that’s-what-she-said moments. If you’ve ever been in a band or worked construction, you know what I mean. But I have never, never been presented with a chance for a T-W-S-S-zinger like that one. I mean, it was sheer perfection!

But unless you’re Michael Scott you simply can’t get away with it in the workplace.

So what do we need to do to change this? What has to happen to get any and all that’s-what-she-saids exempted from sexual-harassment claims? You know how some people will say something and then when someone seems moderately offended the original person says, ‘But I was just saying!’ as though that phrase means whatever came before it didn’t intend offense. That’s what a well-played that’s-what-she-said should do.

But only the well-played ones, of course.

It’ll only help to introduce a bit of levity and perhaps just a bit of friendly awkwardness into the workplace. And it honestly will help guys like me enjoy their jobs a bit more.

And that’s all I’m after here: making work suck less.


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