rapture resolution

And so then I realized that if this whole rapture thing happens tomorrow as some have suggested that it will, I’ll pretty much have no idea if it did because almost everyone I know will still be around.

Not that my friends are horrible people by any stretch. It’s just that most of my friend aren’t Christians(1), or at least aren’t strictlyChristian. Ashley, for example, carries a set of beliefs that cross the boundaries of about a dozen religions. So even though these are pleasant, decent, good people, the Christian God will pass them over, not let them pass Go or collect $200.

Not pictured: Horsemen.

So, basically, I may never know if it happened.(2)

1.You tend to collect those around you who share your values I guess.
2.I do have two friends who are extremely Christian, even being founding member of a Christian rock band. If the rapture happens, they will likely not be around after tomorrow. The problem here is that they’re also the kind of guy that if I text them to see if they’re still around, they won’t respond because it’s an excellent joke. Thus, the rapture-resolution will still be unattained and yours truly left in the dark.

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