to sleep, perchance to get these !*#@!*% songs out of my head

This week I’ve been more tired than usual, probably the result of two consecutive weekends in which Ashley and I did a lot of stuff,[1] as opposed to my usual lying-around-and-reading, lying-around-and-watching-tv, and lying-around-and-playing-video-games approach to weekends.

This sort of long-term tiredness leaves me without the energy to fight off earworms. I just have to let them do their thing out no matter how long it takes, which I imagine is how Mrs. Sting feels quite often.

Because everyone loves lists,[2] here’s a list of songs I’ve had stuck in my head this week:

This list, more than anything, pretty much gives me all the reason I need to make myself sleep-in this weekend.

[1] We had her commencement ceremony (YAY!), a wedding and reception for her cousin, and we went to a karaoke night all in the same day. That’s more than I normally do in like six months. Just to give you an example.
[2] So I hear anyway.
[3] The link is provided so you can listen to the song. Ignore the Full-House-level-of-cheesy images someone chose to associate with it.
[4] Which I’m sort of okay with because having this song in your head makes even the most quotidian tasks seem awesome.
[5] This link, however, is posted for the song and the obviously late-seventies, early-eighties hairstyles in the audience.
[6] See note 3, supra, though without the Full House thing.

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