well and there went that

I forgot to blog yesterday. So my goal of posting every single day in 2011 will forever be unattained. Well damn.

But I also sort of didn’t forget.I talked here on Friday about feeling like a failure re: not-writing. I’d drafted a paragraph but later omitted it about how when I spend some time writing in the morning I feel totally okay and way less pressured and guilty about however else I spend the rest of my day. After I spent a fair amount of AM time writing yesterday I had no problem with doing everything else I did yesterday.

So when at some point in the evening, as we were hanging out with Ashley’s family, I realized I hadn’t blogged yet, I also realized I didn’t care too much. I didn’t feel the need to write here because I’d already written for myself.

Not that I plan to stop blogging,(1) but it was nice yesterday to say hey I’ve already written something today. And it’s nice to say that today but still to choose to blog. And it’s nice to know that whatever I do today I’ll do it writing-guilt-free.

  1. I’ve just spent about two hours writing this morning and here I am blogging, so there’s some proof.

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