donate life’s 24-hour sit-in, with news coverage including a live spot on ashley and yours truly on the eleven pm news.

As part of Organ Donation Awareness month, Donate Life and Life Connection of Ohio are doing 24-hour sit-ins all over the state. Yesterday, Ashley and I spent an hour in the green chair to help support that cause.

Our hour was during the 11 o’clock news, so they interviewed Ashley live. She did very, very well, even though I could see her hands shaking from nerves. The interviewer was one of the station’s evening anchors, a dude who Ashley finds incredibly cool and didn’t hesitate to tell him so.

But so anyway since we were on the 11PM news, we didn’t get to bed until roughly 0100h. And then had to get up at our usual time this morning. So I’m simply too tired to really post about it. I’ve tried like hell all day to find web video of our interview to no avail. Maybe another day. For today though, you get pictures.

Tomorrow I hope to have enough mind-energy to relate the full story and impressions, including the revelation that the weatherman I’ve gotten my weather info from since like age ten is a Paul-Rudd-esque type dude even though he seems mostly personality-less on air.

Journalistic secrets revealed! Interviews you see live on the air are basically re-hashes of earlier, behind-the-scenes interviews!

Ash and I chairing it up.

The live spot begins. You can't see my terror from this distance, but I assure you it's there.

Ashley answering questions. You know he's more awesome than Ron Burgundy by the lack of teleprompter. Also of note: I have a big fan.

Ashley with the other news anchor, who is actually every bit as sincere in person as I always suspected she was. The touching is probably not inappropriate.

  1. All images are probably property of Life Connection of Ohio and were downloaded from their Facebook page.

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