one second after awakening from a dream caused by a death star flying around a galaxy

It’s just weird when you’re sitting there in a meeting and you sort of zone in and out of consciousness so much that you feel like people’d be able to see your chair right through you if they’d really have a close look and no one pays much attention to you because you view your purpose at meetings as really more like keeping people from getting completely ridiculous w/r/t ideas or compulsions or banality and so you really don’t say a whole lot of anything but then out of nowhere someone asks for an idea and you kind of fade back into reality and toss out what simply flatly has to be the most obvious idea ever because not only is it obvious and also possibly derivative but also that you thought of it while barely awakened out of some deep internal revelry so really it’s almost like you were talking in your sleep or maybe more like someone called you in the middle of the night and you had a whole conversation that the next morning you can’t remember the context of or anything you said – and so but anyway you toss out this painfully crushingly obvious idea and everyone just stares in amazement at the brilliance of your idea and possibly by extension you and they spend a couple of minutes regarding you with words like genius and you even maybe here a wunderkind in there somewhere but all you did was toss out an idea that you figured had to be on the tip of everyone’s brain and so you have to remind yourself that you’re not a genius or a wunderkind or anything of the sort but that everyone’s brains are wired differently and we all have different things that we focus our attention upon and so maybe it really is only just the way your particular brain works and maybe other people’s brain’s main function is to run effective meetings or figure out better ways to flush toilets or god only know what kinds of things but yours happened to be this idea right now and everyone likes it and thinks you’re just bee’s-knees awesome so you can safely fade back out of existence and into your own personal internal revelry which, let’s not lie, was really about how the Death Star has any kind of gravity at all given that it didn’t orbit anything in particular or even rotate on its axis which is pretty much what causes plant-level gravity in the first place and even then – forget about gravity – how the hell did it get from place to place anyway?


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