welcome to the family

Today we adopted GIR from the Humane Society. He’s about 2 months old and has roughly the same amount of energy to expend as a split hydrogen atom. At the moment he’s sleeping, but I suspect he’s just recharging.

The folks at the Humane Society were very cool. Since we’d adopted Nermal from them we called them when Nermal came down with FIP. Since FIP is genetic in nature, we wanted to give them a warning about Nermal’s siblings. But as the conversation progressed, the woman offered us a free adoption. She even called a few weeks ago to tell us that they’d be getting kittens soon, which was incredibly kind of her.

Ashley and I have been going there about once a week for a while now and yesterday we happened across this little guy. We both knew instantly we’d be taking him home.

It’s nice to have a kitten around again. They’re so playful and random, but also so incredibly sweet sometimes. I still miss the hell out of Nermal, but I think GIR will be loads of fun.(1)

  1. GIR’s name, for the uninitiated, comes from a great cartoon called Invader Zim that ran in the early aughts. Ashley’s a huge fan of the show, and especially of GIR. We’d toyed with the idea of calling him Parkour because he manages some sweet parkour-type moves, but he did something that reminded her of GIR and, well, his name is GIR.

3 comments on “welcome to the family

  1. I have always said kittens are my kryptonite. My one weakness. . .I am so very excited and jealous of your new addition 🙂 When I have a “bad day” I want to just hold a kitten cuz I know it will make me instantly feel better! I hope GIR brings you tons of happiness!

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