the pale king

Today Amazon started selling David Foster Wallace’s newest novel, The Pale King. Selling, as in, you could order it. As in, not pre-order it,(1) but order it. Like having it shipped to your home. And since I chose next-day shipping I’ll have the book in my exceedingly anxious hands after work tomorrow.

All weekend plans have been summarily canceled.

  1. I’d already pre-ordered a Kindle edition of the book so that it would be downloaded the morning of its release and I could start on it right away. I’ll keep my Kindle pre-order because I just feel more okay in the world having as many of DFW’s books on me at all times. I already own a Kindle- and a hard-copy version of most of his books and while my mind rails at the illogic and expense of owning two copies of one book, I also feel better about life being able to see his books on my bookshelf when I wake up in the morning. Which may or may not be the impetus behind my having moved the bookshelf into the bedroom. Take that howsoever you will.

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