our earth hour

The past two years I’ve spent Earth Hour doing shows with the band.(1) Of all the shows we did, those two might be my favorite. Maybe the last Christmas show we did tops them a bit, but not by much. I enjoyed them simply because they were so different. No amps. No mikes. And I didn’t play bass, instead trying to make bass lines work on a regular acoustic until abandoning the idea and just finding something new to play. And our strength was our vocals – everyone in the band could sing and we always had great harmonies. The Earth Hour shows brought them out, I think.

But I don’t have a band anymore. Last August we split up because two of our group moved away. The remaining member and I played on for a while, but it wasn’t as fun. I’ve been missing being in a band, but today I miss it more than I have before I think.

Maybe I’ll just take my guitar downtown and do my own show tomorrow. It won’t be the same, but at least the tradition will live on.

  1. Acoustic, naturally.

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