not friday

I’ve come to love Thursdays this semester. Sure yes there’s the usual-day-before-Friday élan, but what’s made them particularly great lately are the following:

Reason the first: At work I have certain projects that need to happen once each week. Unfortunately most of these projects need to happen at the end of the week. This makes Friday annoyingly busy sometimes, but my Thursday project is exactly enough to keep me busy in the afternoon without ever feeling like too much to do. And sometimes I start on the Friday projects too.

Reason the second: Ashley signed up for a Zumba class on Thursday nights, which means we’re on campus until roughly 7PM. So after work I go to the Union, procure some Starbucks and sit and chat with Ashley for a while. Then she leaves for class while I spend a glorious hour or so with coffee and a book.(1) It’s one of the highlights of my week.

Reason the third: Since we don’t usually get home until 7:30ish on Thursdays, and since we’re both pretty hungry by that time, I’ve designated Thursday as my night off from doing some Wii Fit. I do my weigh-in and get my Wii Fit Age(2) and that’s it. Then it’s dinner and some quality sofa-time, often with cats.

Reason the fourth: Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. But not in the way you think. I effing hate these shows. Grey’s is about the biggest turd dropped on the American populace this side of reality tv, and I’m pretty sure each episode of Private Practice is aimed at making as many people as possible cry their hearts out. They’re ridiculous. But Ashley watches them.(3) Which gives me another two hours in the evening for reading!(4)

And apparently Conan likes Thursday too!

  1. I use the term book these days loosely. In fact, most of the time when I’m speaking of personal reading, I talking about my Kindle.
  2. Which can be anywhere between 21 and 47. I’m pretty sure Nintendo is just fucking with us on this Wii Fit Age thing.
  3. If she doesn’t pass out on the sofa after dinner.
  4. During which sometimes I also pass out on the other sofa, and one of us wakes the other up at like 1AM so we can both go to bed.

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