one of ashley’s fantasies has now come true, no thanks to yours truly

The first time I saw the first Old-Spice-Guy commercial, Ashley wasn’t home. I don’t remember where she was, but I do remember thinking: ‘Holy crap! It’s like someone made a commercial just for her.’ That one especially, but most of that very successful ad campaign has been right out of Ashley’s head. If the world were made in her image, it would look and behave just like Old-Spice-Guy’s world.1

This morning I began to suspect that Ashley runs an ad agency while I sleep. Because now in addition to Ole O.S.G. ads, there are the two things in another commercial that I suspect Ashley always felt were missing from tv ads:

  • Hugh Jackman
  • The Safety Dance


It really is like someone out there is making her dreams come true, commercial-wise.

  1. Not sure if I, then, would end up looking like O.S.G. But I think I’d end up sounding like him.

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