thrice fiction

Dave has been teasing us for a little while now about some project he was working on that he’d be announcing soon. Now, to be honest, Dave is the kind of guy about whom you like the idea of him teasing you. So I didn’t mind and, because he’s so good it at, I found myself getting pretty excited.

But when he finally today stopped teasing and revealed the fruit of his (and others’) work, I was way more excited than I anticipated. Maybe even thrice excited.

It’s been years since I read literary mags with any regularity, but I’m looking forward to when I have the time to read Thrice Fiction later today. See, because Dave and his friends are awesome, they’re offering digital copies of this sweet rag for free.

So, stop reading my doggeral and hie thee to their website.1 Download it now and read something new today. And be sure to check out Dave’s artwork in the mag. He’s an amazing graphic designer and I honestly tune into his blog for Li’l Dave and Bad Monkey as much as for Dave himself.

  1. You can also find Thrice Fiction on Facebook and Twitter.

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