pittsburgh weeks

About every four month Ashley and I make a trip to Pittsburgh. The point of Pittsburgh-week is a check-up with her transplant team. It’s actually something I look forward to quite a bit even though there’s always that concern that something’s wrong, like really wrong. And also the part in which we’re basically hanging out in a hospital all day.1

But overall I enjoy it. My goal over the next few days will be to get you to understand a couple of things. Firstly, I know some of you, O Semi-Constant Readers, are more than familiar with CF/Tx procedures. But for the rest of you I’m hoping to provide a glimpse of what these check-ups are like. I’m not talking like Christiane Amapour type reporting, more like Anderson Cooper. Without all the crying.

  1. Though Ashley is quite the connoisseur of hospital cafeterias, and UPMC’s is no slouch.

2 comments on “pittsburgh weeks

  1. Every four months? . . .I am actually kinda jealous! I would like to be closer so I could visit Dr. P and everyone more often! I hope all goes well & that Ashley is feeling good.

    When I there again we would love to get together again!!! That was fun, but this time I am hoping to come on warmer weekend 😉

    • Yes! We’ll hang out again next time you make it that way. Maybe this time the Christmas Story House will be open!

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