crazy busy


  1. Hence the ‘more on that tomorrow’ at the end of yesterday’s post. I apologize for that; I simply didn’t have time to finish. And I apologize that today I also do not have time to work up a blog post. The problem with blogging every single day is that my type of blogging – which, in word, we could politely call prolix – takes a lot of time. I don’t like to phone-in posts and I don’t want to sort-of water-down what I normally do just because I’m trying to blog every day. Which I suppose we could call today’s post watered-down, sure, but I thought that maybe including the body of the post in the footnote would at least be funny enough to warrant your forgiveness, O Semi-Constant Reader. You’ll notice that I’ve also changed the theme here today to a brand-spanking-new WordPress theme that I jumped at largely because visually it reminds me of reading on my Kindle with the little case I got for it. Plus I think it’s a sleek theme and besides and in addition to that I always like themes that have rounded corners. So, anyway, I guess today you get a footnote and something nice to look at.1
    1. This of course assumes that you’re actually looking at my blog and not reading my post through a feed-reader, which of course who has the time these days to visit each and every blog they read? And now also I’m trying to up the humor-as-plea-for-forgiveness by having a footnote to my lone footnote, so let’s also keep this in mind. As well as the fact that I’m aware of what I’m doing in doing this.

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