Being a fan of the perennially maligned Cleveland Browns, I never get to root for my team in the Super Bowl. As they are one of four teams1 never to have made it, I assume this trend of affiliation will only continue.2

The Pittsburgh Steelers are supposed to be my sworn enemy, right?

The truth is, once the post-season begins I become a Steelers fan. My view is that if my team isn’t going to win it – and they’re not…ever – I want someone in my team’s division to go all the way.

And by someone I mean anyone but the Ravens.3

So today, like I have been all through the post season, I’m a Steelers fan. Don’t get me wrong, once the game is over today, once the stats are added up and the score is in and the pizza is eaten and the snacks are put away and the beer is gone, I’ll be a die-hard Browns fan yet again. And I’ll always think Roethlisberger is a douchebag and a rapist.

But for today:

Go Steelers!4

Plus also maybe I find this guy kinda hot. Maybe.

  1. The Browns, The Houston Texans, The Jacksonville Jaguars, and The Detroit Lions. But keep in mind that two of those teams, Houston and Jacksonville, have been around fewer than 20 years. So really it’s only two teams that have been supremely shitty since the NFL was created, and both of them are within mere hours of me.
  2. Though, of course, any New Orleans fan could have said that last year.
  3. That’s the team I hate. Not only is it a team stolen from my team, but their defense are a bunch of assholes.
  4. It also helps that Ashley is a Steelers fan, since she got her transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and we go there every few months for check-ups. It’s actually cool to be there on a Friday during footballs season. Almost everyone you see – nurses, doctors, patients, street-folk are dressed in Steelers’ colors. You never see that in Cleveland. Ever.

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