not quite the old unstoppable-force-meets-an-immovable-object conundrum but still…

I was driving as part of a funeral procession today, because that’s what I do in my downtime.1 For those of you not familiar with U.S. state laws,2 the general rule is that if you meet a funeral procession proceeding in the opposite direction that you’re travelling, you pull your vehicle to the side of the road and stop until all the vehicles that are part of the procession have passed.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar,3 this is the same rule when encountering emergency vehicles: police cars, fire-trucks and the like.

So when, as we were driving in the procession, Ashley and I heard the warble of an ambulance siren…we had a good laugh.


  1. Just kidding. Ashley’s grandpa passed away on Friday and today was the funeral.
  2. Or for those who need a refresher-course. I met a few today.
  3. See note 2 supra.
  4. On a side-note: being in the procession today reminded me of when I work for a cemetery back in the day. Over time I’d become familiar with most of the funeral directors in town and while that didn’t impact my life in any great way, I will say it was disturbing. Because I don’t care what the reason is, when the driver of the hearse waves at you it’s more than a little disturbing.

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