Nermal update

This is how we move Nermal around these days. He wants to spend most of his time in this box. But he also likes to be in the same room as me and Ashley. So at night we move him – box and all – into the bedroom. If we watch TV/read in the living room, the Nermal box comes along.

He is tired most of the time but can’t really sleep. He doesn’t eat other than the Ensure we force into his mouth with a syringe. He doesn’t play.

He hardly even meows.

We know it won’t be long now. We do what we can. We love him. We hold him. We cry sometimes.

And we move him and his box around. So he’ll be comfortable. So he’ll know he’s not alone.

None of this will cure him. None of it will make him better.

But we do it anyway.


One comment on “Nermal update

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear he is not doing so well. Furkids are very special to me, and I am happy that you are making him comfortable and just giving him as much love and peace as you can at this time.

    Oh great. Now I’m crying. Sending lots of good thoughts to Nermal and you both. All 6 of my kitties send meows too.

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