hamlet: a tale for all ages

I came across this book today and it made me laugh.

In case some of you haven’t read this classic tale, Hamlet includes:

  • At least one ghost.1
  • Fratricide.
  • The phrases “uncle/father” and “aunt/mother”.2
  • Mental instability.3
  • Depression.
  • Long soliloquies.
  • Thoughts of suicide.4
  • An emotionally abusive boyfriend.5
  • Actual suicide.
  • A gravedigger.
  • A human skull.
  • A conversation with said human skull.
  • Matricide.
  • Uncle-cide.6
  • Pretty-much-everyone-cide.
  • Iambic pentameter.

While I’ll not quarrel with the book’s assertion that Shakespeare can be fun, I’m not certain that Hamlet for Kids is really the best way to roll.

  1. Which actually may not exist.
  2. Though of course in some cultures this will raise not an eyebrow.
  3. Probably.
  4. But very elegant thoughts of suicide.
  5. Or at the very least, mixed signals.
  6. Or more properly: uncle/patri-cide.

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