taking account

What I actually did over the long weekend:
  1. Sleep.
  2. Get in some quality hang-out time with Ashley.
  3. Read for fun.
  4. Read for class.
  5. Join the Galactic Rebellion.
  6. Play with the cats.
  7. Turn to the Dark Side.
  8. Eat pizza.
  9. Write a blog post about how stupid this whole Zodiac-sign shift is.
  10. Maybe also eat a burrito.
  11. Pine about how I wish that I had Jesse’s girl.
  12. Smack Bono for being so…Bono.
  13. Play video games.
  14. Build myself a lightsaber.
  15. Drink afternoon coffee.
  16. Make a real breakfast.
  17. Engage in unmentionable activities.
  18. Watch football.
  19. Drink some of the yummy Sam Adams winter variety pack I have in the fridge.
  20. Joyride ‘round the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon.

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