the numbers

Ashley said, ‘We should play the Mega Millions!’

I said, ‘I don’t play the lottery.’

Ashley said, ‘But it’s 350 million dollars!’

And I said, ‘Yeah, but I don’t play the lottery.’

But if I did play the lottery, I thought, which numbers would I choose?

There’s really only one answer: 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.(1)

That’s right. Hurley’s allegedly unlucky numbers, the ones responsible for landing him on the island in Lost.

Why would I bet them? Because Lost is awesome. What if they’re cursed? Bah. I hardly call crashing on a tropical island full of mystery, intrigue, Others and Elizabeth Mitchell a fell fate.


Besides, I am not unlike Hurley in both girth and temperament. And frankly, the whole island experience turned out pretty well for the big dude. If I found myself running the island…well, it’d be only slightly less awesome than running the Death Star.(2)

But, I realized(3), there’s probably a lot of people who play those numbers. So even if I did win, it’d be split between the 9,078 people who played them, according to Damon Lindelof’s tweet.

And now here I am, wishing I’d listened to Ashley. Turns out that 4 of those numbers came up. Three, plus the Powerball. Not the cool $350 mil at stake, but I’d have won 150 clams. Not enough for a plane ticket from Sydney, but it would have been nice.

Oh well dude.

  1. Well, okay…maybe that’s six answers.
  2. I can almost hear nerd-heads imploding.
  3. That’s realised for my across-the-pond audience.

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