solo gig

Apologies, Adored Readers, for the relative quiescence ’round these parts. Along with being the hare to some vague turtle, this week has been one of the more strange weeks in recent memory. I’ll get to the weirdness in a more succinct fashion for this week’s Sunday Adverbs installment.

Tonight I have my first-ever solo gig. It’ll just be me up there, my friends. If a mistake is made, it’ll be made by me and no one else. If the bar crowd decides to make use of its readily available source of projectile weapons…well, they’ll be aiming at yrs truly.

Not that i’m terribly nervous, mind you. I’ve practiced my songs and I like how they’re sounding.(1) I’ll work out my set-list later and maybe do a little nap(2) before rehearsing one more time.

And then…what will be will be.

Wish me luck.(3)

  1. Though the recent warm-weather trend has my throat feeling a little sore today.
  2. Yeah. Right. I haven’t willingly napped since I was two.
  3. Or don’t. Your call.

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