sunday adverbs, vol. 9


I filed my taxes – federal, state and school-district – online exactly three weeks ago. As of Friday morning, I’d received all three refunds owed to me. The expediency of this is staggering. I remember I used to file at the beginning of February and hope I’d get the money by June…at best. This time, though, it was faster than your mom on a Friday night. I hadn’t even decided what to do with the money yet!


I spent most of Friday thinking, ‘Well, I could get this or finally get that.’  Work was something of a distracted dream-sequence. I’m not exactly used to the idea that I could walk into a store and buy what I want, including a new stereo or tv or any of the digital contrivances that are beginning to rule our lives. I was beside myself with indecision.(1)


Several years ago, when I was sort-of down-and-out in Cleveland(2) and hadn’t had a job in a month or so, a friend of mine made me promise that when I did get a job again I would open a savings account right away and dutifully place 10% of my paycheck in it. She said it had nothing to do with the savings…it was having the money. She said that having even just some money tucked away somewhere changed how you look at the world.

So I took my returns and put them in savings.


Because no one should take a tax return and put all of it away, I bought a couple of old video games and will likely get a Super Nintendo(3) the next time we make it over to Cleveland.(4)


My copy of the NES Legend of Zelda arrived in the mail yesterday. I was on my way out to lunch when I saw it in the mailbox and seriously considered staying home to play it. After lunch, I played for a few hours and only stopped so I could do the Earth Hour gig. Once I’m done writing this post, I’m going straight back to it.


The gig, by the way, went well. The coffee shop we played at didn’t turn the lights out for Earth Hour, but I suppose as a business that wouldn’t have been the best idea. However, they did turn the lights down and lit some candles. We played an acoustic set for a little more than an hour and most people seemed to enjoy it. It was interesting for me because I mostly play electric bass and, for this gig, was playing acoustic guitar. One of my roles as the bass player is to augment the rhythmic foundation upon which everything else happens.(5) So, playing acoustic, my job remained the same even though I couldn’t play what I would normally play. It became a fun little game for myself to find the happy medium I was looking for in each song. And, as I said, it went well!

  1. I love that phrase, ‘beside myself.’ It makes me think of Superman 3, when the bad Superman fights good Clark Kent in the junkyard.
  2. After having been fired from a job because I inquired about filing a sexual harassment claim against this woman who, among other things, was lying upon my desk in what was supposed to be a seductive fashion when I walked into the office one afternoon.
  3. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is a patent and registered trademark of Nintendo, Co., Ltd., founded in 1889 with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.
  4. There’s an awesome store on Conventry called Big Fun that sells all kinds of old-school toys, going way back to things like paper dolls. They have every Transformer(1) I ever owned and more. The temptation to buy these is huge, but I know I’ll only put them on a shelf somewhere and never play with them. So I’ve settled upon buying old video games as the best method of recapturing my youth with disposable income.
    1. Transformers is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc., a publicly traded company founded in 1923 with headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  5. This is especially critical in a band, like ours, that doesn’t have a drummer. Dee plays percussion, though – shakers, tambourines…that kind of thing – and does it well.

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