almost famous

I like it when solo acts use names that sound like the act is a band even though it’s just one person. It was in the spirit of said band names that I set about thinking up a name for myself for the upcoming solo show.
  • Two Weeks from Everywhere. An allusion to O Brother Where Art Thou? that I liked a lot because it references a great movie that references a great book. I’ve abandoned this one for now, but may use it in the future.
  • Oedipus Rex and the Mama’s Boys. This is one of the funniest band names ever. Until I remembered that I didn’t think it up, but instead lifted it from the Jeremy Piven comedy PCU.
  • A Perfect Day for Bananafish. This is the title of my favorite Salinger short story and I considered it strongly. However, (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) the main character commits suicide at the end, so it didn’t set the right tone.
  • The Oneeders. Referencing the movie That Thing You Do, which is one of the best movies that no one watches.
  • Bo and the Hidden Mickeys. I love the Hidden Mickeys strewn throughout Disney World, and this name would explain why no one would see the rest of the band. But the Disney association may not be entirely appropriate, and ‘hidden mickey’ sounds, to the uninitiated, like a date-rape drug.
  • Living Next Door to Myself. This one references an awesome Tom Robbins novel, and also was the title of the first blog I ever created. However, I felt that I’d worn the title out, so…

I finally settled upon:

  • Fellows of Infinite Jest. This references not only my favorite Shakespeare play, but also one of my all-time favorite books, Infinite Jest. Like both the book and the play, my songs are, at turns, funny and depressing. I always write about life as I see it, but sometimes life is funny and sometimes it’s Dead Poet’s Society. So the name seems the most appropriate and also the most deliberate.

Now all I need is a logo.

Oh. And a fan base.

And, by the way? The band name I majorly wish I could have but can’t because a) everyone would know I stole it and consequently would think I’m a complete hack, and b) copyright infringement?

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

Not shown: The talent that they have and I don’t.

Leave it to The Muppet Show to come up with the best band name of all time.


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