sunday adverbs, vol. 8


Friday I had roughly twice as many hits on my blog(1) that I’ve had since this particular iteration of blog. Most of my blog hits come on days that I post, mostly from my Twitter page, so that this happened is bit of a surprise. WordPress keeps only rudimentary stats and, as far as I can tell, doesn’t allow for the custom HTML that many of the stat-sites out there would require. So I can’t tell exactly see why I had this veritable tsunami of blog-visits. However, on that day no fewer than 57 people(2) hit my blog by typing ‘sex’ into some search engine.(3)


For one, I don’t think I’ve talked about sex that frequently. Sure, it’s a favorite topic of mine and sure I’ve talked about it a lot on other blogs. But on this one I think that the most I’ve talked about it was on the post about The Snuggie Sutra. And that was back in October.

Secondly, sex has to be about the most-searched-for term on the internets and also the most-discussed. There are, I’m sure, millions if not billions of pages about sex out here in the digital wonderland. So why the hell are people landing here?

The only conclusion I can come to is that the fact that I’m naked every time I blog somehow comes through in the metadata.


The band has confirmed the Earth Hour gig at a local coffee shop. It’ll be a completely acoustic show – without even microphones. We’re going to practice it a bit on Thursday, so it won’t be as completely improvised as last year, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

I’ll try to post some pics or maybe video if I can, but since the point of Earth Hour is to go without electricity, I feel that taking pictures and video would be contrary to the point. Besides, going without power is easy, but ask people these days to go without cell phones and you’re likely to face an angered throng.


Speaking of which, I got a new cell phone this week. I’d been using a BlackBerry Pearl for a while, which I’d gotten because it was free and because I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy having a smartphone. I learned that while I do enjoy having a smartphone, I hated the BlackBerry.

So this time around, I got a Samsung Omnia 2. I was planing on getting the Droid Eris, but frankly, the less-popular Omnia 2 impressed me in the store way more than the Eris did. While I did like the Android platform, I’m finding the Omnia’s Windows Mobile impressive as well. And it takes amazingly awesome pictures that I can adjust right there on the phone.(4)

I could go on and on about how awesome this phone is, but maybe I’ll just save all of that for another post.


And next Friday, the second of April, I’ll be playing my own solo show. While I have done open-mike nights, and while I’ve done my own small solo-sets before the band’s shows, I’ve never done my own show. I’m a little nervous about it, and I’m sure I’ll be very nervous when I’m there. But I’m also excited. The band will likely be breaking up in April when one of our members(5) takes his Ph.D. and, hopefully, finds a job somewhere and another member, who also happens to be his girlfriend, leaves with him. So it’s a good idea to start looking at different ways for me to do live music. I certainly enjoy it.


One of the things I’m most looking forward to about this gig is the chance to do my songs in ways they haven’t been done before. One of the things I admire most about Counting Crows is how much they can change a song in their live performances and the song is still awesome. While I don’t quite have songwriting skills on par with Adam Duritz, my songs are decent(6)and I hope I can play unique versions that are also decent. At this point, I’ve changed one of my songs so much that it’s almost a whole new song! And I can’t say I like this version better than the other, but each is cool in its own right.


I’d like to take a minute and thank all of you, my Adored Readership. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to stop by and read about what I’m up to. It makes a guy feel all squishy inside.

  1. So, you know, like, six.
  2. Okay, so I lied about the six.
  3. Of course, WordPress doesn’t tell me which search engine.
  4. Note that the picture I’ve linked to was done solely on the phone and not with Flickr’s Piknic feature.
  5. The one how also happens to have all the gear and the practice space.
  6. Well, I like them anyway.

One comment on “sunday adverbs, vol. 8

  1. BO,

    I have had prescription strength for cold sores before, I do need to get some more. I find it more of an annoyance than anything. When I was hospitalized however man they were OUT OF CONTROL which made me wonder other meds were also causing the hostile take over of my mouth 🙂 If I can catch them early with over the counter stuff, it seems to do the trick. ~ Thanks for your advise. I will be getting some stronger stuff when I go to Pittsburgh next! 🙂

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