sunday adverbs, vol. 7


At the end of last week’s post, I mentioned that I might not be around much because it looked like a busy week was shaping up. It was a busy week, but nevertheless I’m sorry for the lack of posting . It’s been quiet around here over the last week and that is certainly not any way to repay you, my Adored Readership.


While I do refer to all of you as my Adored Readership, the truth is that I blog only for me. That some of you read this and keep coming back is not something I take lightly, but when I sit down to blog I’m thinking only about what I want(1) to say and how I want to say it.

I blog largely because I have a tendency towards the reclusive. On the whole, I like people. But on the whole, people confuse and often infuriate me. Often I find myself drifting towards my own center, rotating more and more tightly. Presumably, though, this can only be maintained for so long until an equilibrium or stasis is met and everything externalized comes to an end. Blogging is how I remind myself that there’s a world out there not just of buildings and roads and other nouny things, but also of emotions and concern and hope and life. The times when I don’t blog much coincide a great deal with the periods in which I don’t reply to emails, texts, calls…and I begin to question the entire social-networking multiverse. Returning emails or messages involves an interaction – albeit a passive one – with someone I know, so I find that road the more difficult path to returning to the daylight world. Blogging, though, is just me and my laptop. In time I’ll remember that you’re all out there, and that’ll bring me back.


Last year I had a rather last-minute idea for Earth Hour. I called up the singer for our band and suggested that we play an acoustic set downtown. Surprisingly, he went for it(2) and, after Dee and Darkness agreed to it, we headed downtown and played for an hour. We’d said at the onset that we’d donate any proceeds(3) to the WWF.(4) The proceeds only turned out to be five bucks, but we dutifully donated it.


This year we’re working on something similar, but with a little planning venue-wise. It seems, however, that we’re not really going to practice the acoustic show. As such, I’m very much looking forward to it. For one thing, we don’t have a functional acoustic bass, so I get to make up an acoustic guitar part as I go. But more importantly, it’ll be a fun gig. Last year’s was one of my favorites of all that we’d played. I’m hoping for something just as fun this year.

  1. And/or need to say.
  2. This is surprising because until that point Bubby would get so intense and focused in the days before a gig. He didn’t want to miss a single piece of gear or forget any one thing (he even writes up set-lists for his solo gigs, whereas I just play what come to my head from the songs I practiced). He’s a very organized guy and treated our gigs in the same manner. The Earth Hour gig, spontaneous and unpracticed, I think changed his POV on what we were capable of as a band.
  3. Proceeds, in this instance, meaning any cash dropped into the open guitar case we’d put out.
  4. That’s World Wildlife Fund for Nature, not World Wrestling Federation.

4 comments on “sunday adverbs, vol. 7

  1. Thanks for the ego-check. All this time I thought you were blogging just for me! 🙂

    I think you pretty much have to blog for yourself… otherwise it’s a job.

    • I feel like I’ve come across a fair number of blogs geared towards a certain readership. Or worse, towards the fact that the blogger has a readership.

      And I do write for you. Every third footnote I dedicate solely to you.

  2. I didn’t even know you played in a band! That’s cool~ If you’re as good at music as you are at writing/blogging, then you must be fantastic! Hope you have fun playing that gig. I have to laugh, cuz I was seriously thinking “why would they donate to world wresting federation. . .” I figured it had to be something of more importance 🙂

    • I do as well as I can, writing songs. I think they’re good, and they’re generally well-received. I suppose that’s about all a performer can ask for. Maybe I’ll record some video and post it to the YouTubes.

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