brought to you by the letter u

Today I have a super-cool word for you that I came across while looking at the subject heading for book someone was reading.


Are you really ready, because this word is awesome.



Say it with me: Ucks-or-i-cide.


It means either the murder of one’s wife, or one who murders his wife. It comes from a Latin word for wife that also has given us  a couple other awesome words.(1)

Uxorilocal: Applied to or denoting residence after marriage in the area of the wife’s home or community.

Uxorious: Of persons: Dotingly or submissively fond of a wife; devotedly attached to a wife. Of actions, etc.: Marked or characterized by excessive affection for one’s wife.

It makes my day when I come across a whole new set of words like this.(2)

  1. Note that since these words begin with u and x they would make great Scrabble words.
  2. I am not, nor have I ever, denied that I’m a nerd.

2 comments on “brought to you by the letter u

  1. Hey Bo,

    Check out this link for, I’m pretty darned sure, the only use of the word Uxorious in a toy-based film recreation done by two slightly barmy English comedians.

    Uxorious at 51 secs in…

    …and while you are in Adam and Joe land, search for their star wars character toy sketches…

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