sunday adverbs, vol. 5


Yesterday Ashley and I drove about 15 minutes to the lab so she could get her usual blood-labs done. This took about 15 minutes. Then we drove the 15 minutes back, stopping at the store for about 10 minutes on the way home. The entire rest of the day we did pretty much nothing at all.


For the last few months I’ve been going through my iTunes collection and updating the information for each song. I’ve broken all the greatest hits collections into the albums on which the songs first appeared. I include the year that each album came out and try to get the most accurate genre information I can.(1)

I’ve been using Wikipedia as my source of information for this little project, fully aware of how unreliable it can be. To this point, though, it’s been pretty good except for some obscure bands for which I can’t find entries.


And then I discovered AllMusic. This site is amazingly comprehensive. There isn’t a single band or song I haven’t been able to find, and there’s more information available that I could have found on Wikipedia. And it’s a more reliable site from an information standpoint. The only problem is my urge to start over. Yikes.


It’s pretty much the most frustrating thing ever when you’re in a group-thing and one or more of the people in the group just aren’t as into what you’re all doing as you are. You’re caught between just phoning it in or still doing your best even though your best efforts aren’t going to yield strong results.(2)


I also found out last week why one of my friends has been behaving differently towards me. These kinds of things happen, I suppose, but I’m getting tired of making friends with people who bail on me. I know I’m nowhere near perfect and I know I do things that people question, but I thought the point of being friends was accepting the person in spite of if not because of these things.


And when your friendship has devolved to the point that you’re blogging vaguely about it, I suppose you’re not really friends anymore anyway.


The funniest thing ever said on Jeopardy! was a few weeks ago when one of the categories was Uranus and one of the contestants said, ‘I’ll take Uranus for $400, Alex.’ I don’t understand how everyone on the show was not laughing maniacally. They must have a machine at the entrance that suck the funny out of you.

  1. It would be nice iTunes would allow for multiple genres. Instead of having, say, an indie/rock genre, I’d like to be able to classify something as indie and rock. If I could do this, iTunes wouldn’t exclude indie/rock from a smart playlist of ‘rock’ songs.
  2. And blog in a non-specific manner about it.

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