in honor of st. valentine’s day

Thing I said I’d do for love

  • Run right into hell and back
  • Never lie to you(1)
  • Be there ‘til the final act
  • Take a vow
  • And seal a pact
  • Never stop dreaming of you every night of my life
  • Raise you up
  • Help you down
  • Get you right out of this Godforsaken town
  • Make it all a little less cold(2)
  • Hold you sacred
  • Hold you tight
  • Colorize your life(3)
  • Make it all a little less old(4)
  • Make you some magic with my own two hands
  • Build you an emerald city with these grains of sands(5)
  • Give you something you can take home(6)
  • Cater to every fantasy you got(7)
  • Hose you down with holy water if you get too hot (hot!)(8)
  • Take you places you’ve never known(9)

Things I said I won’t do for love

  • Screw around
  • That(10)

  1. And that’s a fact.
  2. i.e., turn  up the thermostat
  3. Cuz you’re so sick of black and white
  4. Presumably by finding the Fountain of Youth or maybe that weird merry-go-round in Something Wicked This Way Comes.
  5. Okay, this is starting to get out of hand.
  6. Like, leftovers from the Golden Corral?
  7. And not correct your grammar.
  8. Statement assumes a readily available supply of holy water and/or a readily available supply of regular water plus the Pope.
  9. Ever been to the Golden Corral?
  10. Seriously? You’re specific enough to want a friggin’ emerald city made from sand but all I get is that?! Could I maybe get a list of potential that’s? Or does that that that you’re talking about mean asking for a list? I wouldn’t think so because you seem like you like lists, but maybe it’s a double-standard-type thing: it’s okay for you to make lists, but not me. And that’s cool if that’s the that that I won’t do. I’d just like a bit of clarification. And something in writing, because how do I know that that that that you threw out there won’t change in the future, right? I mean, maybe right now that that means ‘frying eggs without opening a window’ but maybe tomorrow it’ll mean ‘leaving the toilet seat up.’ And of course I’d have already left the toilet seat up and therefore gone and done that that that you specifically made me promise not to do. I’d just like to prevent that type of situation, if possible.

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