Obviously I wasn’t able to make time to blog during my stay in Orlando. There were lots of other things I wasn’t able to get to either, so please, Adored Readers, don’t feel left out.(1)

And I really don’t have time to blog now, either. Work is mess of catch-up piles and student-behavior issues needing resolution. Home is chores atop of chores – laundry, dishes, generally cleaning, playing with the cats, etc.

All that, and tonight the final season of Lost debuts. So none of it will get done except maybe one load of laundry.

I know you’re all dying to know all about my vacation and how I felt about being at DisneyWorld. Those stories will have to wait. For now, please be sated with the pictures I posted on my Flikr account. After all, that’s worth a couple-thousand words, right?

If I can get through a few piles and/or chores, I’m hopeful to have time tomorrow to tell you a few stories.

  1. Things such as: Visiting with certain members of the Orlando Blogging Mafia, sleep, The World Showcase at EPCOT, sleep, sufficient jacuzzi time, and sleep.

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