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On Saturday, the 23rd of January, I’ll be heading to Florida for a week. I haven’t taken a vacation in a long time, as in a real let’s-go-somewhere-and-do-stuff vacation instead of a let’s-just-chill-out-in-one-spot vacation. Ashley and I will tear it up in an around Disney World(1), Orlando, and who knows…maybe I’ll head to Miami for a day just to grimace, put on some shades, make some really bad pun, and walk away as Roger Daltrey(2) screams at the top of his lungs.

Or maybe I’ll get a chance to meet a handful of Floridians I’ve been reading for a while.

  1. Fully known as Walt Disney World Resort, it is owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, a publicly traded corporation founded in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney with headquarters in Los Angeles, California.
  2. Lead singer of The Who, whose single ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ famously provides the theme song to CSI: Miami, which is, of course, the show I’m picking on here in this post. Keep in mind I’ve never seen an episode.

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