the aughties, by the numbers

Romantic relationships begun: 5
Romantic relationships ended: 4

Marriages begun: 1
Marriages ended: 1

Degrees earned: 1
Degree used in a professional capacity: 0

Poems written: 91
Stories written: 24
Novels written: 1
Writings published: 4
Writing awards won: 2

Songs written: 9
Songs recorded: 49

Bands joined: 1
Awesome compliments given w/r/t my songs: 3
Instruments acquired: 5

Ninjas seen: none

Pets loved: 2
Pets I’ve wanted to strangle at 3AM: 1
Pets I couldn’t live without: 2

Cities lived in: 2
Homes lived in: 6

Organizations I’ve donated money or time to: 2

Computers owned: 5
Blogs created: 11
Blogs killed: 9
Facebook profiles created: 2
Facebook profiles killed: 1
Tweets tweeted: 2,006
Followers: 40
Following: 46

iPods owned: 2
iPods loved: 2
Songs collected: 5,584

Documentaries I’ve been in: 1

Vacations taken: 6
Vacations needed: 497

Zombies killed: all of them.

Nephews gained: 1
Nieces gained: 2

Grandparents lost: 3

Years I didn’t talk to my parents: 2.4

Number of gloves swallowed by my son: 1
Number of people I visited in the hospital:  3
Number of them who lived: 2

Pizzas eaten: All of them.

Consecutive days gone without eating: 3

Suicide attempts: 2
Suicides successes: 0

Women cheated on by yrs truly: 2
Women not cheated on by yrs truly: 3

Ships commandeered: 0

Footnotes used on this blog: 160

New favorite writers: 4

Cigarettes smoked: all of them, right up until 4PM on 24 July, 2009.
Cigarettes smoked after 24 July, 2009: 0

New Year’s Resolutions made: 30
New Year’s Resolutions kept: 14

Concerts attended: 3
Theater productions attended: 17
Weddings attended: 5

Number of times I’ve been told I have a really good memory: Not sure.

Love affairs with the O.E.D. begun: 1

Pool games lost to Lindy Loo: Almost all of them
Pool games I’ve let Lindy Loo win: Almost all of them

Crazy drunken nights with brother: 4
Number of times arrested: 0
Fights averted: 2
Windows broken: 1

Female celebrity crushes developed: 2
Male celebrity crushes developed: 1

Hours slept: not enough
Hours awake: not enough

Time spent being gentle: not enough
Time spent being kind: not enough
Time spent being compassionate: not enough

Time spent masturbating: Let’s just say I’m legally blind and let it at that.


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